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Hello my name is Alexsandra Dos Santos, the owner and creator of The Sugar Spoon. I am 12 years old and in seventh grade.

I found my passion for baking during the summer of 2020. I always liked making birthday cakes for family and friends when I had free time. I never bought desserts from grocery stores or even some bakeries because they were all too overly sweet. So I decided to make my own desserts with a twist.

I didn't want to copy anybody else recipe so I took months to fine the perfect recipes for cookies and cupcakes. The biggest challenge was to find a not too overly sweet, stable but delightful frosting. Yes I do have many different kinds of frosting, but our special classic Sugar Spoon frosting is on most of our cupcakes.

So go on and see which ones have this delicious frosting and don't be shy to call us up and order some. I am just warning you- be ready to be wowed!!

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